Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies to join Verona Huruma Sacco?

Any member of the public

When do I qualify for a loan?

After 3 months of monthly savings and upon attaining share capital of Ksh 4,000.

What is the maximum number of people I can guarantee?

Depends on your deposits limit.

What is the maximum amount I can borrow as a loan?

All loans held by a member shall not exceed 4 times of deposits held in the Society.

What are the various modes of payment?

Payments Via MPESA

  • For payments of loans and deposit enter PayBill No. 400500
  • Enter account no (membership number).
  • Enter the amount to pay and select okay.
  • A confirmation message will be sent to your phone to confirm receipt from VH SACCO.
  • You will also be able to receive your loan disbursements through m-pesa, visa card or cheque.

Payments Via Bank Account

  • Absa Bank Account Number:  0931000373
  • Account Name -V Fathers Huruma Self Help Group
  • Branch: Kariobangi

What are the requirements that should be observed when applying for a loan?

All sections in the loan form should be duly completed and the relevant documentation attached as per the loans conditions.

How long will my loan application take before I receive it?

Emergency loans are paid within 72 hours from application date while all other loans are processed as they come and paid out with 30 working days from the time they are received.

How can I check my loan status?

This information is available from the USSD service *483*400#

How can I check my deposits?

This information is available from the USSD service *483*400#

How are the membership withdrawal terms?

Withdrawal notice should be given in writing. The reimbursements as per the society’s bylaws will be done within 60 days subject to any loan liabilities.

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